The owner of the website www.vrefseville.com (“Website“) is VREF Seville Real Estate Holdco SOCIMI, S.A.U. (“VREF” or “We“), with registered office at calle Fortuny 6 4º, Madrid 28010, registered with the Madrid Mercantile Registry, page M-704780, volume 39663 and sheet 120 and tax identification number B88482724. Our email address is vrefseville@vestasinvest.com.

We highly recommend that you read carefully these terms and conditions of use and VREF’s privacy policy and cookie policy.



These terms and conditions of use regulate the access to the contents and all the services offered by VREF via the Website, as well as its use by the users. The Website is a web page mainly dedicated to providing information about VREF and its business. Specifically, the Website provides information about, among other things, VREF’s profile (i.e., what it does, where it invests, when it began its operations, etc.) and the assets owned by VREF.

However, VREF reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and contents of the Website, as well as the conditions required to access and use it. The access and use of the Website’s following its modifications and content changes, entails their acceptance by the user.


The access and use of the Website grants you the condition of user and implies the acceptance of the legal clauses reflected in these terms and conditions of use. In this respect, the user (or, if plural, users) is understood as the person who accesses, navigates, uses or participates in the Website’s services and activities, whether free or paid.

The user takes responsibility for the access and use of the Website and agrees to use it in a manner that is reasonable, appropriate to the applications and content that VREF offers through the Website and, in any case, in accordance with applicable law and these terms and conditions of use. Similarly, the user agrees not to carry out any actions with the aim of damaging, disabling or overloading the Website, or to impede, in any way, its normal uses and functions, nor to carry out any actions that could damage the image, interests or rights of VREF or of third parties. In this regard, VREF shall not assume any responsibility for users’ inappropriate use of the Website, and said users shall assume responsibility for any damages that may result from their actions.

If the user does not agree with these terms and conditions of use, he/she should not access, navigate or use the Website.

Children under 18 years old who access the Website shall be accompanied by their parent, tutor or an adult to ensure the proper and correct use of the Website. In any case, if a minor navigates through the Website, it will be presumed that they have been given the prior and express permission of their parents, tutors or legal representatives.

VREF is not responsible for damages of any nature that may be caused to users by the use of other browsers or versions of browsers other than those for which the Website has been designed.

Access to this Website by the user (directly or through advertising) does not imply any kind of commercial relationship between VREF and the user.


The data provided by the user must be accurate, up-to-date and correct. It is the user’s responsibility to correctly provide the data required on the Website.

The information concerning the processing of personal data by vref with regard to the website is available in VREF’s privacy policy.


We use cookies or other storage devices to collect information about the use of the Website.

This information is available in VREF’s cookie policy.


In the event that the user sends information of any type to VREF via the Website (using the means available for this purpose on the Website), the user declares, guarantees, and accepts that he/she has the right to do so freely, that said information does not infringe any intellectual property, brand, patent, or trade secret rights, or any other third party right, that said information is not confidential, and that said information is not detrimental to third parties. The user recognises that he/she assumes responsibility, and can not blame VREF for any communication that he/she provides personally or that is provided in his/her name, taking full responsibility, without restriction, for the accuracy, legality, originality and ownership of the same.


VREF and the Website disclaim all liability in the following cases:

– Technical failures that, due to fortuitous causes or other, prevent the normal functioning of the Website.

– Lack of availability of the Website for maintenance or other reasons that prevent the service from being available.

– For errors or damage generated or likely to be generated by the content or software that can be accessed through this Website. VREF shall not be liable, under any circumstances and when permitted by law, for any loss, damage or harm of any kind arising from access to and use of the Website, including, but not limited to, those caused to computer systems or those caused by the introduction of viruses. VREF shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused to users due to the improper use of this Website.

– Interference of third parties in the service. Due to technical developments, it is possible that certain third parties may enter the Website and cause disruptions. Notwithstanding the above, VREF and the Website make their best efforts, through the implementation of the appropriate technological measures, to reduce this type of risk. Nevertheless, the user is informed that these improbable intrusions may occur, and that VREF and the Website will not be responsible for any damages they may cause.


All information contained on the Website, as well as its graphic design and the codes used, are protected by copyright or other rights under the applicable intellectual property law. These rights belong exclusively to VREF (or to its licensors). Therefore, any act of reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication, as well as any type of transfer of all or part of the content of the Website, and in general of any element that, according to the applicable regulations, can be protected by intellectual property laws, is expressly prohibited. Under no circumstances is it understood that the user’s access to or navigation of the Website, or the use, acquisition and/or contracting of products or services offered via the Website, implies a waiver, transmission, license or total or partial cession of said rights by VREF. The user has a strictly private right of use, with the exclusive aim of enjoying the services offered in accordance with these terms and conditions of use.

In addition, it is expressly forbidden to use any element of the Website that is protected in accordance with applicable industrial property laws without prior consent. In particular, brands, commercial names, establishment signs, denominations, logos, slogans or any type of distinctive sign belonging to VREF or any third party may not be used.

If the user were to have knowledge of the existence of any content that is illicit, illegal, or contrary to the law, or he/she were to suspect a violation of intellectual and/or industrial property rights, he/she should notify VREF immediately, as indicated in the clause, so that VREF can take relevant action.


  • Links to other websites

The links that may be included in this Website (whose ownership or responsibility corresponds to third parties other than the Website and VREF) are not under the responsibility of VREF. In no case VREF is obliged to control or approve the services, contents, data, files, products and any kind of material existing in the website or websites of third parties. Therefore, VREF will not be responsible, under any circumstance, for the legality of the contents of said page/s. The third party is the exclusive responsible for all that concerns the content of said link, especially regarding the respect of the law, accepted principles of morality and public order.

In this sense, if the user were to know of any illicit activity developed via these third party websites, he/she should communicate this immediately to VREF sending an email to vrefseville@vestasinvest.com such that this link may be removed.

The placing of any type of link from our Website to another foreign website does not imply that there is any type of relationship, collaboration, or dependency between VREF and those responsible for the foreign website.

We recommend users to review the privacy policies and terms and conditions of these third parties before browsing through these links.

  • Links on other websites leading to our Website

If any user, entity or website wishes to place any type of link leading to our Website, they must request the prior, express, written authorization of VREF by sending an e-mail to vrefseville@vestasinvest.com. Said authorization shall contain the instructions to be followed by said user, entity or website in order to use links to the Website.

Notwithstanding the above, it should be noted that VREF does not have the ability or human or technical means to understand, control, or approve all of the information, content, products or services provided by other websites (those that have posted links to our Website). Therefore, VREF does not take any responsibility for anything regarding websites that post a link to our Website, by way of example but not limited to, their function, access, data, information, archives, quality and reliability of their products and services, their own links and/or any of their contents, in general.


In the case that the user or any other Internet user has knowledge of any type of information or content on or obtained from our Website being illicit or inappropriate, he/she should contact VREF, via the email address vrefseville@vestasinvest.com.


VREF will be able to modify this terms and conditions, entirely or partially, publishing any change in the appearance of this terms and conditions of use, or via any type of communication directed towards users. Therefore, the temporary validity of these terms and conditions of use coincides with the time of their exposure, until they are totally or partially modified. When the modification is published, the modified terms and conditions of use will become effective.

Notwithstanding the content stated hereof, VREF may terminate, suspend, or interrupt, at any time, without notice, access to the contents of the Webpage, and the user will not be able to demand any compensation.

We therefore recommend that you periodically review these terms and conditions of use.


Any conflicts that may arise from the application of these terms and conditions of use shall be governed by the Spanish laws and shall be resolved by the courts of Madrid, without prejudice to the provisions of the consumer laws in force (and, where applicable, the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform) which, where appropriate, may be applicable.